How to dub a VHS tape

Easy version

  1. Use the Web interface to route the VHS Play deck to the VHS Record deck, by middle-clicking the VHS Play picture or text and left-clicking the VHS Record picture or text.
  2. To see what's happening, middle-click on VHS Record and left-click on one of the monitors.
  3. Put tapes in the VHS Play (left deck) and VHS Record (right deck) decks.
  4. On the VHS Record deck, the input select switch should be set to LINE (see illustration).
  5. On the VHS Play deck push PLAY.
  6. On the VHS Record deck hold REC then push PLAY.
  7. To hear what's happening, you might need to turn up the following controls on the Audio Mixer: the Speaker Volume knob, Master Volume slider, and Rec Mon slider. See illustration.

More detail

The telect commands to set this up are
telect -lntsc -ivhsply -ovhsrec
telect -laudio -ivhsply -ovhsrec
telect -lntsc -ivhsrec -orecmon

Additional notes


If the red circle doesn't appear on the display of the record deck, you're not recording. Make sure to hit the record button before the play button to get into record mode. If you're still unable to record, make sure the write enable tab hasn't been snapped off the tape. If it has, and you're sure you want to record over what's already there, enable the tape for writing by putting Scotch or masking tape over the square hole.

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